NAPO Georgia

I am a member of NAPO (pronounced nay-pōh). NAPO is an acronym for the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. NAPO provides training, education and certification for Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants. It is also responsible for “advancing industry research and increasing public awareness” ( A Professional Organizer who has joined NAPO demonstrates a commitment to educating him or herself about our industry, its trends, and the latest research available. NAPO requires that all new members undergo training, encourages continuing education for all of its members, and provides a wide array of resources for Organizers and Productivity Consultants.

I am also a member of the Georgia Chapter of NAPO. Membership in NAPO-Georgia allows for additional educational and networking opportunities. With so many specialties in the field of Professional Organizing, these networking opportunities are an invaluable resource I can share with my clients.

NAPO members are governed by a strict Code of Ethics. The Code provides guidance to NAPO members about the way they conduct themselves in the professional arena. The Code of Ethics encourages honesty, transparency, integrity, confidentiality, competency and respect. As a NAPO member, I am committed to honoring these principles by practicing good judgement, engaging in open and honest communication, behaving ethically, and showing respect to my clients and colleagues. For more information about NAPO or NAPO’s Code of Ethics, please visit