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Productivity Services

Part of my job is to save you time, so here are some additional services I am excited to contribute to help you focus on more important things!

Gift Wrapping

How it works…

  1. I meet you at your home or office
  2. We go through the gifts to be wrapped and label who they are for and who they are from
  3. A picture is taken of each gifts, and it is inventoried
  4. We discuss color and theme of the gifts to be wrapped
  5. Gifts are wrapped at my location
  6. I return all wrapped gifts to you!

This will be a time saver, and I only require a moment of your time up front!

*If you would like your gift wrapped at your location, please add $2.00 to the price of each gift if this is your preferred method.

X-Small               $8.00 each

Small                 $10.00 each

Medium             $12.00 each

Large                 $14.00 each

X-Large             $16.00 each

XX-Large           $20.00 each

Gift Bags     $3.00-6.00 each

*prices include paper, box/bag, tissue paper, and tags

Silver Polishing

$40.00/ hour. Includes all polishing materials and supplies.

Addressing Envelopes

Completed at my location.

$40.00/ hour. Does not include postage.

Gift Shopping

$40.00/ hour shopping fee

Internet Research

$45.00/ hour

Report of findings and references emailed to you.