My Top 5 Essential Organizing Products (stuff I can’t live without!)

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve been an organizer; It’s what I do. To give you an example, more than once…. okay, like, all the time…. I will stop in the middle of a store and organize the items in my shopping cart. Makes me happy. When I was a kid, it was more satisfying to sort, classify, and organize my candy by type than it was to actually eat it! Organizing just comes naturally to me for whatever reason.

For this blog post, I thought I’d list my very favorite, can’t do without, most useful, totally essential organizing products. These are the things I have in my home that keep me (and my family) organized:

1. Divided Caddy (with handle). This item has SO many uses. You can use it to store craft items, cleaning supplies, shower essentials, school supplies, picnic supplies, toiletries, and everything you need to take care of your nails. You can even use it to create a portable first aid kit! Another great idea is to store one in the trunk of your car filled with emergency necessities like an ice scraper, tire gauge, flashlight and flares….and maybe some lip gloss.

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2. Underbed storage containers. Truly, I don’t know what I’d do without these things. And what a wonderful way to take advantage of otherwise wasted space! You can use any size bin, but I like the long ones equipped with wheels. They are probably best suited for beds with bed skirts around them. If you don’t have a bed skirt, you can still hide one or two bins under there (if you push them back far enough and to the middle so no one can see). My house is severely lacking in storage space, so I have several containers under each bed. They are great for storing out-of-season wardrobe items, keepsakes and mementoes, quilts (or bedding), shoes (they make special storage containers just for this purpose), toys, and purses.

These containers are practically imperative for college students living in dorms, as storage space is extremely limited. Okay, maybe they are only “imperative” for college students who are female—my son didn’t need any, my daughter on the other hand, needed several. They can be stored under futons as well.

Under Bed Storage Atlanta

3. Hanging file folders. A staple in any home or business office. I keep almost every single piece of paper in my home in a tabbed file folder with a written description on each tab. Even silly stuff like funny emails I’ve printed over the years get a labeled folder. No kidding, I have one labeled, “Stuff that made me cry,” and it’s filled with those sappy emails you’re supposed to send to 5 or 10 of your friends.

The normal ways I use them, though, are to store documents I’m keeping temporarily and those I think I’ll be keeping forever. When I don’t need what’s inside the folder anymore, I fold the folder “inside out” and so I can use it again. If your student has a desk, these are great for storing class notes, exams, papers, and projects. This is especially helpful for students who have AP exams the semester after they take the class! As part of your back-to-school preparation, make sure to go through the folders and toss last semester’s (or last year’s) items he/she won’t need again. Remember to reuse the folders by turning them inside out! If your student does not have a desk, consider plastic storage boxes made for hanging files.

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4. Shoe sized storage bins. Okay, I LOVE storage bins. Every size and color. But, the size I use most is the shoe box size. I like the clear ones, so I can quickly see what’s inside (even though I label all of them). I store everything in these useful guys: pantry items, extension cords, craft items, old checkbooks/checkbook registers, cleaning rags, and like kitchen items that I don’t use often (for example, cupcake liners). I should mention that I often don’t use the top, so I can store stuff like hair care products, toiletries, bagged grocery items (snack sized chips, candy, etc.), garage items like WD-40, Armor All, bug spray, etc., and packages of light bulbs.

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5. Extra storage shelves. Many homes have beautiful built in closet systems with drawers and tons of shelving. Mine is not one of them. So, multipurpose storage shelving is a necessity at my house. I use it in my office to hold extra office supplies, stationary (yes, I still hand write letters!), and craft supplies. I use them in my garage to store garden supplies, stuff for taking care of my car, tools, paint, and hardware. Even though my pantry has shelving, there is a big gap between the last shelf and the floor. This is where I add even more portable storage shelves so stuff on the floor doesn’t pile up, making it difficult to get the things on the bottom. Finally, I use them in my closet for shoes, purses, bins of socks, scarves, tights, etc.

Extra Storage Shelves

My philosophy is that everything your keep in your home should have a home of its own. Just like you park your car in the garage, every item in your home should have a “parking place” where it is kept when you’re not using it. The list of my Top 5 Essential Organizing Products are the tools I use most to stay organized. They are my “parking places” for much of my stuff.

Thanks for checking out my blog post. And check back for my next post in which I write about the high price of being disorganized. Until then, if you have any questions about any of the services listed on my site, please give me a call: 770-686-2991!

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